Being Human: Review: Series 4 Ep 4: A Spectre Calls (spoiler-free review)

Can the oh-so-friendly Kirby really be as helpful as he appears?

A dark episode with some wonderful black humour, particularly towards the end, this is a story that simply couldn’t have been told in any previous series of Being Human. Once again it’s an examination of trust, as an interloper at Honolulu Heights puts the relationships between our three central characters to the test.

The episode stands or falls on James Lance’s Kirby, who – perhaps deliberately – looks incredibly like Pauline from The League of Gentlemen in his 1970s gear, which of course fits in so well with the… interesting… décor of Honolulu Heights! He’s required to work in multiple gears, and it’s a tribute to him that while the audience may well be ahead of the characters for much of the episode, you really don’t know exactly how things are going to work out.

There’s movement on some of the other plotlines as well (a final reveal is a little too obvious, so hopefully this is a red herring), and a throwback to the Box Tunnel Massacre, something that I’d hoped the series had now put well and truly in the past following Mitchell’s death.

Verdict: A well put together episode that allows all three leads some strong moments.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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