Eve: Review: Series 2 Episode 6: The Eve of Destruction

Eve 2.6Eve decides that she is a menace and must be shut down…

Joe Lidster’s script for this middle episode of Eve’s second year is pivotal, with multiple reveals about the characters and what they do and don’t know. Certain assumptions made by both the gang and the audience are proved not to be correct both in terms of the ongoing arc, and the various relationships (there’s an astute line about Scooby Doo, showing that the creators are well aware of the pitfalls inherent in having the lead characters investigating things!).

Lidster’s work on previous CBBC shows, as well as his audio work, demonstrate his gifts for handling tricky emotional beats, and this was a perfect story to give him to script, helped by excellent work from Poppy Lee Friar, Billy Ashworth, Ben Cartwright and Rhona Croker in the scenes involving the potential shutdown, and Friar and Eubha Akilade at either end of the episode. Director Lynsey Miller ensures that moments that have the potential to become maudlin never do so, cutting to reaction shots that really help to tell the story – and allows some quite surprising revelations (notably a comment from Katherine) to have proper weight.

Verdict: Another strong episode with more than a few surprises. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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