Merlin: Review: Series 1 Ep 12: To Kill the King

When Gwen’s father is killed, Morgana swears revenge on Uther…

At long last Morgana and Uther get some proper screen time, with at least some lip service paid to the former’s magical background. There’s a complicated backstory created regarding Morgana’s father’s relationship to Uther that leads to a not overly convincing ending, but at least until then, we get a chance to see another side to the character.

The Dragon’s also showing less than pleasant characteristics. There’s a running theme through his “advice” to Merlin of getting rid of Uther and replacing him with Arthur, and the young sorcerer should be starting to get wary of this.

There’s not much for Arthur to do in this episode, although he does get a couple of decent moments. He becomes more pompous the more worried he gets, and although he’ll defend his father in public, he’s querying more behind the scenes.

It’s probably the darkest episode of the series yet, which is usually a good sign with this production, and the small amount of humour is character-defined. There seemed enough potential in this plotline to extend it over two episodes, and it’s a shame that the chance for a good cliffhanger into the season finale was missed.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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