Doctor Who: Review: Big Finish: 2nd Doctor Companion 1.4: The Edge

20160417213451dwcc10_cover_1688x1500_cover_large_image_largeThe Doctor, Jamie and Zoe discover the delights of the Indigo Nebula…

This box set comes to a close with a very traditional Companion Chronicle in format – Frazer Hines as Jamie narrating a tale, with a second voice (Robert Whitelock) providing a second (or indeed in this case second and third) character. It keeps the story firmly around Jamie’s own experiences, rather than trying to be part-Early Adventure, or giving an omniscient narrator along the way – and works all the better for it.

You can guess where things are going to end up from the less than subtle references to a piece of the TARDIS with which the story starts, but the way it happens is not as obvious as you might suspect. Rob Nisbet makes a key plot point out of Jamie’s own nature, and the way in which his travels with the Doctor may have changed some elements of him, but not others.

Throughout the box set, the music has been an integral part of the atmosphere, and a suite of Benji Clifford’s score is available as a download if you buy through Big Finish; having been one of those who asked for music scores in the old days, I’m glad that it’s continuing to get the recognition that it deserves.

Verdict: The set may overall be a little uneven, but this story demonstrates that the format – in its original form – still has a part to play in the ongoing Who saga. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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