Wizards vs Aliens: Review: Series 3 Episodes 7/8: The Key of Bones

WVA 3.7Determined to prove himself to Ursula, Simeon decides to go on a quest – little realising how much Lady Lyzera is involved…

As promised by Phil Ford and Derek Ritchie before the start of this season, there’s much more of a serial feel to this year, with elements that were mentioned in passing in the opening story taking on increased prominence now. The tears in the Line of Twilight become the focal point of the story, as Lady Lyzera’s duplicity is revealed, and Tom ends up making a tough choice.

The first part takes its time leading up to the start of the quest, with some strong emotional beats for Tom and Simeon, and then between Tom and his father; I was pleased to see that Michael got something more to do in this episode than just get captured. It was also good to see all the characters out and about in the second part – although you have to feel a bit sorry for Kristian Phillips and Alex Childs encased in their Nekross gear for the exterior shoot!

With Lyzera now showing her true colours, the stage is set for an epic finale – but with so many characters already written out or killed off this season, who would be prepared to bet than everyone survives into a fourth year?

Verdict: If you set aside the not totally credible Shanghai exteriors, another strong story. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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