Eve: Review: Series 1 Episode 8: The Truth About Lies

Eve 1.8Eve learns about lying…

There are more than a few surprises in this episode of Eve, not least of which is the speedy way in which the plotline with Zac appears to have been tied up – although it’s fair to say that he’s made a considerable impression both on Eve and on the series generally. The final line of his farewell letter to Eve is a real kicker, although I think it’s becoming increasingly clear that he may not be right to dismiss her quite so easily. The relationship between Lily and Will is also getting some attention, and Abe’s propensity for getting himself (and others) into trouble is put to good use.

The whole episode is about different levels of lying, whether it’s Will and Lily trying to get Zac fired (and wasn’t it lucky that Katherine happened to answer the phone!), Eve’s misjudged claims about Nick’s accident, or the whole core of the series – that Nick and Will are hiding Eve at home and lying, usually by omission, about it. The only person who ends up being totally honest is Eve… and that doesn’t exactly work out for her – as the expression on Poppy Lee Friar’s face makes abundantly clear. Unfeeling robot? I think not.

Verdict: Moving away from the SF sides of the concept to the emotional ones has given the series deeper resonance and the cast are responding to the challenges well. 8/10

Paul Simpson





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