Review: Torchwood: AudioGo: Mr Invincible

There’s a new superhero in Cardiff – but not your usual type…

The concluding audio in this quartet of adventures set after Miracle Day picks up on a plot strand left hanging from Red Skies, namely the vision that Jack received of Gwen being killed. He races back to Earth and is relieved to discover that she is apparently fine and not in danger. However other odd things are happening around Cardiff, and Jack must work with Sergeant Andy to prevent a catastrophe.

Mark Morris’ script for this story is gripping, and to my mind, the closest in tone to the original series of the four stories. Tom Price doesn’t try to imitate the actors, although he does adopt his normal Sergeant Andy voice for his lines. This means you can concentrate on the descriptions that Morris provides – and they’re suitably creepy to match the weird events being narrated. Appropriately, not everything is sorted out but enough is resolved that if this is the last word on Torchwood, Jack has come to the rescue of Cardiff one final time.

It does seem as if Torchwood has reached the end of the road on television – although we’ve thought that before. These audios have been an interesting experiment: Gwen and Rhys in America didn’t work too well (and they’re back home by the time of this one); Jack on an alien world was fascinating, and made for a great character piece, but wouldn’t necessarily be something to repeat. The two featuring Sergeant Andy have actually worked out best – perhaps because they go back to the show’s roots in its very first episode: ordinary people dealing with extraordinary events, with the aid of Torchwood…

Verdict: Creepy and engrossing.  8/10

Paul Simpson



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