Back to the Future: Review: The Ultimate Visual History

BTTF visualBy Michael Klastorin with Randal Atamaniuk

Titan Books, out now

The full story of the epic trilogy…

For once, an “ultimate” visual history lives up to its title – usually such books concentrate either on the visual element or the history element, and don’t provide the full story. Klastorin and Atamniuk’s book does, with copious illustrations, behind the scenes photos, storyboards, memos, script shots (including many featuring Eric Stoltz as Marty from the six weeks’ shooting that was carried out on BTTF prior to Michael J. Fox’s arrival) alongside a very detailed text chronicling the creation, pre-production and shooting of the BTTF trilogy.

I’m sure diehard BTTF fans will know the ins and outs revealed here – such as the fact that a studio executive wanted the movie to be known as Space Man From Pluto (to match a rewritten version of the scene where Marty appears as Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan to his father-to-be) – but for everyone else, virtually every page contains a treasure trove of fascinating information. The material on Stoltz’s time on set (and his method acting that left one actor with bruises for a fortnight) is eye-opening.

The authors don’t miss out the extended universe around the trilogy – there’s a section on the animated series (although you’ll need to look at the Hasslein Books BTTF output for full episodic details), as well as the ride, and an official mention of the musical… whenever that may appear. Like the Bond by Design book, it’s not cheap – but it’s worth every penny.

Verdict: This book isn’t just for BTTF Day – it’s a true treasury for all those who enjoyed Marty McFly’s adventures. 10/10

Paul Simpson

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