Warehouse 13: Review: Season 3 Ep 7

A ghost from Myka’s past returns, as she gets a long-awaited break in the murder of her partner.

The biggest skeleton in Myka’s closet has always been her guilt over the death of her Secret Service partner in the Denver office, Steve. Also her illicit lover, Myka always blamed herself for her partner’s death because she arrived at the place where he was shot just a bit too late.

While Pete and Myka are in Denver going after an artifact, Myka sees the man who killed Steve in the train station, but he disappears before she can catch him. She checks in with the local field office, where she is greeted by two former coworkers (one played by Angel‘s J. August Richards).

The investigation is pretty standard fare, and only moderately interesting because of Myka’s personal feelings. Certainly it’s pretty easy to identify the bad guy if you’ve ever watched a TV show before.

What makes it worth watching is Pete’s response to Myka’s distress. Usually Myka’s the analytical one, but because she’s being emotional, Pete decides to be analytical. It’s a nice example of the supportive nature of their partnership – which then gets turned on its ear when Myka excludes Pete from a raid because she can’t bear to lose another partner.

The B-plot is considerably more fun, as Jinks and Claudia are taken out while grabbing an artifact – but when they awaken, they haven’t been kidnapped. Their artifact, however, has been nabbed. The method of determining their attackers involves a dog, two fezzes (fezzes are cool), Claudia drooling uncontrollably, and a rather unfortunate chase through the warehouse, and is hilarious for all its ridiculousness.

Verdict: A fairly paint-by-numbers story that only works at all because of the Myka-Pete dynamic.

Episode 7 “Past Imperfect”: 5/10

Keith R.A. DeCandido

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