Thunderbirds Are Go: Review: Series 1 Episode 7: Runaway

Thunderbirds Are Go, 107 - Brains and Scott

Brains is reluctantly taken to Japan to help stop a runaway train…

I know there have been some odd things incorporated into the “this episode” montages over the years, but Grandma proffering cookies? I realise the whole “she can’t cook” thing is a running motif for the series, but is it really worthy of a spot as part of the sales pitch for the episode?

That’s one of the few missteps in this episode, which incorporates domestic life on Tracy Island into the mix of a genuine rescue – no pre-emptive action by the boys this time, this is a proper rescue situation (although it would have been lovely if the train driver had said something to the effect of “Calling International Rescue” or “only International Rescue can save us now” – little tweaks for the second season?). Okay, the odds of Alan happening to be studying exactly the right subject at exactly the right time are sky-high, but that’s the sort of thing you just have to accept!

Having been critical of the scaling in many episodes, it’s only fair to redress the balance when it is done well, and the shots of TB1 viewed from below worked well. Anything which emphasizes the relative sizes of the machines helps, and is worth the few seconds it takes from the story!

I’m hoping Alan’s comments to John about being stuck on TB5 are the start of something ongoing – unlike the original, where Alan spelled John on the space station, John appears to be there on a permanent basis…

Verdict: Some nicely done moments in a solid rescue tale. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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