Misfits: Review: Series 4 Episode 7

Misfits 407Alex goes on the hunt for his missing organ, Abbey gains some extra weight, and Rudy is in love…

If Misfits does get picked up for another season, then it really needs to develop some proper through lines to keep audiences coming back. Every time this year that a plotline begins, it’s wrapped up almost immediately – it won’t surprise me in the least if we learn the reason for Abbey’s amnesia next week, as well as the major threat promised in the throwforward.

Alex’s search for his missing cock finishes not so much with a bang as a whimper and the story with Abbey and the baby never really takes off. Finn’s jealousy of Jess and Alex powers some of the episode, but again, he instantly backs down after a few seconds of standing up for himself.

At least we got the gang using their powers a bit this week – Finn’s telekinesis was useful to divert attention, and the two Rudys had a decent conversation. But compared with the first couple of seasons, this has really gone off the boil.

Verdict: Unless there’s a major upswing in quality, next week will deserve to be the final episode.  5/10

Paul Simpson


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