Intruders: Review: Series 1 Episode 7: The Crossing Place

Intruders 7Todd comes under fire from various sources, as Rose starts to worry…

There are some really chilling moments in this penultimate episode of Intruders, Marcus in both his guises providing some of the worst. The older version’s matter of fact description of the many deaths for which he is responsible reminds us just how much danger Todd’s daughter is in from the reincarnated serial killer inside Madison. Todd himself really doesn’t have a good time of it, beaten up by Jack at the start of the episode, and then violently attacked by Marcus/Madison towards the end – at least he shows some backbone and proves his love for his daughter.

John Simm and Mira Sorvino are kept apart for this episode, but we get plenty of time with each of them. Rose is now completely in control of Amy’s body, and desperate to be reunited with her former lover… who asks one of the most pertinent questions of the whole series. Just because people can come back from the dead, should they? Sorvino successfully shows the doubts that are starting to crack Rose’s façade…

Simm’s Whelan tackles the same question from a different angle at the top of the episode, berating a young priest with a set of questions and then (rather unreasonably) getting annoyed at a lack of answers when he’s not given the poor guy a chance to respond! He gets some very different answers from Todd, and then from a fellow detainee – who actually adds a complete new wrinkle to the whole concept, an angle which Gary has decided to use as well to continue the battle with Qui Reverti.

The acting is strong across the board – including the young actress playing Todd’s daughter. James Frain shows a surprising side to Richard Shepherd, Tory Kittles’ performance as Gary is incredibly powerful, Millie Brown is as scary as ever, and now that Whelan is proactive rather than constantly reactive, John Simm has stepped up a notch – particularly in the closing scenes with Kittles, which Daniel Stamm cross cuts with the Todd vs. Madison encounter to keep the tension at maximum.

Their motivations fully established, everybody’s at or heading for the same place for the finale – but with some mutually exclusive aims, there’s going to be a lot of disappointed people…

Verdict: Some powerful performances as the pieces are put in place. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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2 thoughts on “Intruders: Review: Series 1 Episode 7: The Crossing Place

  1. The second half of the series fairly gallops along, doesn’t it, with answers (and yet more questions, as often as not) galore: I feel sad for those who didn’t stick with ‘Intruders’ because the answers were a little slow in coming. I’ve definitely noticed a sea change in the tone of reviews, it is just a crying shame that the show was shuffled to the ‘graveyard’ (no pun intended) slot by BBC2. Perhaps it will get a repeat at a decent time slot…and perhaps they might do more to promote it this time!

    Thanks as always for your sensible, spoiler-free reviews – whilst some of the other reviewers seem tempted to give everything away – almost as if they are trying to prove that they understand what’s going on – Sci-Fi Bulletin makes sensible judgements about what to reveal and what to keep ambiguous.

    I can’t believe the series is almost over already – fingers crossed for season 2!!

    Posted by elainejackson12014 | December 3, 2014, 10:48 pm

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