Review: Doctor Who: Books: Magic of the Angels

The Doctor, Amy and Rory encounter a Weeping Angel in contemporary London.

The great thing about the Quick Read series is that the books really have to cut to the chase as quickly as possible to maintain the interest of the readers at whom they’re aimed. The ones that work best are those which don’t just captivate those who may find reading boring, but which keep every reader interested.

Jacqueline Rayner picks up the Doctor Who baton again (after The Sontaran Games three years ago) for the first Matt Smith entry into the range. Rayner captures the banter between the TARDIS team, and ensures that there’s something for each of them to do which plays to their strengths – as is becoming increasingly common in the various spin-offs, Rory is getting more attention. There’s even a bittersweet element to the ending, which reflects the way the series has gone in recent times.

Rayner extrapolates from the Angels’ TV appearances, using elements from both Blink and The Time of Angels well. There are some nice continuity touches: the Doctor would be a nightmare for any guide on a bus tour around London, as he proves here, revisiting old stories from both classic and new eras (including Rayner’s own The Marian Conspiracy).

Verdict: An enjoyable self-contained romp for the Doctor and friends.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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