Merlin: Review: Series 2 Ep 11: The Witch’s Quickening

The quest for a lost crystal leads Morgana to decide her allegiances…

The stakes are being raised for the end of the second series, as the relationships within Camelot begin to resemble the Arthurian norms. Barring a couple of wry smiles, this is a humour-free episode, with Merlin and Arthur caught in the middle between Morgana’s discoveries about herself and Uther’s utter hatred of all things magic.

It’s a powerful episode for Katie McGrath as Morgana, and the confrontation between her and Tony Head’s Uther, though long coming, has been worth the wait. The inner turmoil both are experiencing because of her actions is plain to see.

We also get to see the origins of the rift between Merlin and Mordred, which hopefully will be built on further in the third year – making them both youngsters adds a new twist which could give some interesting angles to develop.

The sometimes overused dramatic device of a crystal showing the future features this week, although at least one of the scenes looks like it’s just been reused from the show’s title sequence. If its predictions come true, then it looks as if the end of the season will be highly dramatic.   8/10

Paul Simpson

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