Agents of SHIELD: Review: Series 2 Episode 16: Afterlife

Shield 2.16Skye starts to find out about her new home, while Gonzalez’s pursuit of Coulson heats up…

Another strong episode in terms of the characterisation of our heroes (and villains), as well as a couple of interesting twists which I won’t spoil for those who have yet to see the episode. Suffice it to say that there are some appearances out of left field that make perfect sense within context, and which help to make sense of certain things that we’ve seen in the last few weeks.

Skye’s interactions with the others at the refuge (Atitlan in its Himalayan location?) are pitched at the right level of inquiry combined with concern for her friends, but when she learns about some of the other people who are there, her impulsive nature starts to come to the fore. Coulson, on the other hand, is a planner, and one of his long-term machinations bears fruit just when he and Hunter need it most.

There’s plenty of double-dealing going on, with Gonzalez making May an offer she may well not be able to refuse, Fitz and Simmons committing some nice sleight of hand – and Bobbi Morse seeming to become increasingly disenchanted with the way that “the real SHIELD” is handling things.

Verdict: Some cool moments and deft character touches. 8/10

Paul Simpson


2 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD: Review: Series 2 Episode 16: Afterlife

  1. SHIELD has become a rather compelling show. The writers/producers are doing their jobs well. The ongoing story’s trajectory promises to be upwardly mobile. Thanks for your reviews, Paul.

    Posted by Terry J. Erdmann | April 8, 2015, 5:26 pm

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