Star Wars: Reviews: Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy

StarWarsCostumesBy Brandon Alinger

Titan Books, out now

A veritable treasure trove of pictures and information on the original trilogy…

The costumes of the Star Wars films have always attracted keen fans – just look at the amount of cosplay based on them over the past four decades. Many fans go to great lengths to ensure that they get every detail of their replica correct, studying any pictures that are available, looking at the blu-rays for any clues that they might have previously missed. For them – and for anyone who has an interest in the creation of a consistent and credible universe – this book is an absolute must.

The photography alone would be worth the (moderately hefty) price of admission with dozens of pictures that haven’t been seen before; that’s before you get into Alinger’s text. The man knows his Star Wars, he knows his props and costumes (he’s the COO of The Prop Store in LA and founder of The Replica Prop Forum), and he has the fan’s ability to ask questions that someone approaching the project from scratch might not think of asking. Early concepts and designs, costumes prepared for unseen scenes, even details of which restaurants near Borehamwood that the cast and crew used during filming – they’re all here.

Titan are carving out a niche with these behind-the-scenes books, replete with detail that will be new to all but the most hardcore fan; this is another winner.

Verdict: A rigorously researched and beautifully presented guide to the original trilogy. 10/10

Paul Simpson


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