Review: Torchwood: AudioGo: The Lost Files 3: The House of the Dead

Radio 4 July 13, 2011; AudioGo

The most haunted pub in Wales is closing down – what better way to mark it than with a séance?

The Lost Files finish with one of the best Torchwood stories told outside the TV series, as James Goss creates a tour de force for Gareth David Lloyd’s Ianto Jones, and provides John Barrowman with some great opportunities which he takes full advantage of.

To say much more about the plotline would spoil it for anyone who’s not heard it, but suffice it to say that nothing is quite as it appears (as is normal for Torchwood!) It seems as if we’re going down the route of possession for the third time in as many days (and indeed creator Russell T Davies did note that the three plays had this in common), but in fact House of the Dead is about something completely different. It’s a character piece and a great pay-off for those who have invested in the Jack/Ianto relationship over the years, and felt cheated by the events of Children of Earth.

Its link forward to Miracle Day would seem to be querying if there is anything for which Jack Harkness would willingly sacrifice his immortality… and if the answers given here are indicative of the way in which the new series may go, then it’s another reason to watch. 

Verdict: By some distance, the best Torchwood audio yet.   9/10

Paul Simpson

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