Blake’s 7: Review: The Liberator Chronicles 11.X: Remnants

b7lib11x_remnants_1417_cover_mediumAvon returns to Jenna aboard Liberator – the only survivor from a raid. What will they do now Blake’s quest is over?

You know pretty much from the start that this is likely to be some form of deception – particularly when you hear the roll call of those who have died on the planet – but it’s how and why that makes Simon Guerrier’s play work well, and it’s one of those stories that you’ll listen to completely differently the second time around once you know the answers. Guerrier uses the format to good advantage, taking us inside Avon and Jenna’s thoughts at appropriate points, and providing some interesting insight into both characters along the way.

Paul Darrow and Sally Knyvette play well off each other, and there are moments when you wish that this was the start of a trilogy of stories taking this situation further – both Avon and Jenna have stepped away from associations with other people when the time is right in the past, and they’re quite willing to do it again… although they each recognise the benefits of staying together on board the best ship in the galaxy. The ending does feel a little rushed, but it’s an enjoyable outing for the pair.

Verdict: A suitably twisting Series B tale. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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