Eve: Review: Series 1 Episodes 12/13: Control, Alter, Delete

eve-control-alter-deleteKatherine finally learns the truth about Eve and Project Eternity…

This double-length episode would have served to wrap the series up nicely (with an appropriate tag scene that promises further mayhem down the line) if it hadn’t already been picked up for a second year. With co-creator Emma Reeves scripting, it’s perhaps not surprising that the sci-fi references are increased: there’s one wonderful reworking of a highly familiar line, and plenty of visual and other call-outs to some classics of the genre.

There’s quite a lot of shifting allegiances within the episode, prompted initially by Nick’s admitting to Katherine that he’s the one who’s been working with Mary. It wouldn’t be fair to spoil them, but characters show their true selves eventually, which leads to disappointment and disillusionment. The bond between Eve and her “family” – Will, Lily, Abe and Nick – is put to the toughest test, and while perhaps there’s no surprise at the outcome, the way it’s achieved is well thought through.

Eve has maintained its momentum throughout the run – even the weakest episodes have either moved the plot forward or strengthened the characterisation – and the tag scene suggests some ways in which it can go forward for the second year. Credit to Reeves and her colleagues for producing the show without its budgetary constraints showing too obviously (original scoring courtesy of Philip Curran throughout has helped), but even more to the cast: even those whose characters, or portrayal, were weaker initially have become more rounded as the show has progressed.

Verdict: A strong conclusion to a very enjoyable show. 8/10

Paul Simpson



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