Lost Girl: Review: Season 1 Ep 4

A no-strings attached threesome becomes a problem for Bo when she’s hired to kill the mistress of a Fury’s husband…

Better focused than last week’s episode, this feels stronger because the plot derives from Bo’s unusual existence, rather than trying to force her into the clichés of the private detective series. Bo’s succubus tendencies are obviously going to lead her into problems, and her pig-headedness then compounds the issue.

Taking full advantage of cable’s laxer rules in North America, the sex in this episode doesn’t leave that much to the imagination, and it’s matched with some violence, and its aftermath. There’s a nice part for Krystin Pellerin – better known as Jake Doyle’s on/off love interest in the cop show Republic of Doyle – who is convincing in all the various guises she wears in the episode.

We also get to see Bo’s other potential lover – Lauren, the human doctor who assists the Light Fae. That plotline is being teased a little too much, so hopefully there’ll be some movement there shortly. Her relationship with Dyson seems to have found equilibrium too quickly, so something to shake that up should work well.

Verdict: Slowly bedding in, this isn’t must-see television yet, but it’s a diverting hour. 

Episode 4: ‘Faetal Attraction’ 6/10

Paul Simpson


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