Review: The Mervyn Stone Mysteries: The Axeman Cometh

theaxemancometh_cover_largeCan former script editor of Vixens of the Void Mervyn Stone prevent a murder?

If you’ve not dived into the slightly crazy world of Mervyn Stone before, then this may be the best place to start – chances are if you read this website, you’re aware of the ins and outs of television production, and the many… interesting… characters who inhabit that world. This story follows Mervyn as he attends a recording that brings back some of the classic cast of the show he co-created and tries to stop one of them from being killed.

Nev Fountain’s script – aided by some wicked performances from John Banks and Nicola Bryant – skewers a lot of people from the past of classic British TV science fiction shows. There’s a husband and wife team of scriptwriters, renowned for the speed, if not the brilliance, of their output. An actress who has serious problems capturing the youthful sound of her original performance. A Yorkshireman who takes his job far too seriously – and compares the toils of a TV production crew and cast with the miners…

The production walks a fine line, laughing with (and only very occasionally at) the foibles of the past, conscious of its target audience, and always ensuring that the mystery is kept to the fore. It may well wrong foot you as well: as with any of these sorts of dramas, you do need to pay attention.

Verdict: You may well laugh out loud as you listen to this highly enjoyable comedy drama. More please.  8/10

Paul Simpson

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