Being Human: Review: Series 5 Ep 1: Trinity (Spoiler-free)

Being-Human 5In the wake of Annie’s passing over and the destruction of the Old Ones, Hal, Tom and Alex have to find a lot of new avenues…

In the hope that Being Human continues to go from strength to strength and a sixth series follows this, chances are that last season will be seen as the transition year: we got to meet Hal and Alex, and Tom took a much larger role. Only with Annie now finally gone can this new team really show what they can do.

And it’s clear that Toby Whithouse has lost none of his edge. In many ways this is classic Being Human: we start with a flashback (that unusually, but for reasons that become clear as it progresses, continues throughout the episode) which has parallels with events in the main storyline. The vampire and the werewolf have to deal with human work problems, and the ghost copes with her particular difficulties. There’s a great deal of black humour, the introduction of a big bad for the season (in fact, any number of them!) and some real gore.

All three of the leads are given moments to shine: we’ve not seen someone dealing with becoming a ghost before, allowing Kate Bracken a chance to lash out both at others and herself. Michael Socha lets Tom’s defences down while Damien Molony shows many different sides to Hal, with the flashback vampire and the twenty-first century version instantly different (even without the uniform!)

Verdict: Back with style, this bodes well for the new year.  8/10

Paul Simpson


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