Review: The Masked City (The Invisible Library Book 2)

MAsked Cityby Genevieve Cogman

Tor, out now

The further adventures of Irene.

The Masked City is Genevieve Cogman’s follow-up to her debut, The Invisible Library, and once again pulls the reader into a non-stop race to find the answers and save the day.

Irene is now Librarian in Residence in the alternate London she encountered in The Invisible Library, with Kai acting as her assistant and Librarian in Training. The opening of the novel sees Irene and Kai separated – as Irene heads back to the Library to seek information, Kai is abducted by an unknown assailant. On her return, Irene finds a note purporting to be from Kai’s family, giving an excuse for his absence – but she’s not fooled and turns to his real family for advice. The scene is set for Irene to follow Kai to a world ruled by chaos, massively under the influence of the Fae. Aided by Lord Silver, for reasons of his own, Irene finds herself in an alternate Venice, during Carnival, surrounded by danger and facing a seemingly hopeless task – save Kai and avoid a war between the Fae and the Dragons. Once more Irene must find her way through a world with different rules, hoping to emerge victorious, and untainted by Chaos.

As with her first novel, the author has established a vivid backdrop to a gripping story that moves apace. I look forward to the next book in the series.

A worthy follow-up to an impressive debut. 9/10

Marie O’Regan


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