Switch: Review: Series 1 Episode 6 (spoiler-free)

“Jeremy Kyle, eat your heart out!” – never has a truer word been spoken when the girls return to Lower Sooth for Solstice.

The episode that Sci-Fi Bulletin went down to Wales to see filmed is a feelgood end to the series, with a few surprises along the way. Shot at the end of production, the happy atmosphere that comes across was an accurate reflection of the way the show felt to a visitor.

One of the underlying themes of Switch has been growing up, and we see this for three of the four girls this time around – the focus on Stella in previous episodes has allowed us to see that already. Hannah has issues with her mother, which prove to have some very interesting causes; Jude’s catching up with an old fling sends her in a very different direction. And Grace has the hardest journey of all, when she has to realise that sometimes what we want isn’t always necessarily what we need to have, and that other people’s needs have to come first.

That makes it sound as if it’s very po-faced and serious, and it isn’t. Anything with Caroline Quentin in a squirrel costume – and to her eternal credit, acting as if she hasn’t got a damn great bushy tail behind her the whole time – is not exactly going to be Greek tragedy!

Verdict: With some laugh out loud moments, just a hint of peril and a few plot threads left hanging for a potential second series, Switch goes out in style. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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