Catweazle: Review: 40th Anniversary DVD

40th Anniversary Special Edition

Network, out now

The adventures of an 11th Century wizard who finds himself at odds with the 20th Century…

Rewatch a series that you loved growing up and chances are you’ll be disappointed (as Film 24’s reruns of Freewheelers recently proved). But there are some shows that retain the magic they originally wove, and Catweazle is definitely a case in point. There’s a wry humour throughout that helps overcome some of the technical shortcomings of the 40-year-old show and it’s never less than entertaining when Geoffrey Bayldon is on screen – as creator Richard Carpenter says in one of the commentary tracks, Bayldon acts from the head down, with his feet sometimes seeming totally independent of the rest of his body.

Because its makers couldn’t guarantee episodes would be shown in order, there’s less of a serial feel to the show than you might expect, particularly given the McGuffin of the second series, which means you can dip into episodes at leisure.

Network have added a new introduction from Bayldon and expanded the picture galleries from their earlier separate releases, although it’s a shame that there’s no musical accompaniment on these. With the aforementioned commentaries plus reunions, contemporary archive footage and script PDFs, this is pretty much the last word on an enjoyable slice of TV history.    7

Paul Simpson

Click here for our interview with Geoffrey Bayldon


One thought on “Catweazle: Review: 40th Anniversary DVD

  1. There are a few , very few moments in television history that stick in the mind , Catweazle is one of those few, it has not played on Australian television for many years now , but I recently introduced my 20 year old nephew to it via DVD much to his howls of protest , ” whats this crap?” etc. I came home from work one day to find him with the DVD playing ,,,” Hey this is not bad ” he commented . It was nice to here and even nicer when he felt Carrots loss at the last episode of season one. This is truly a great program as a boy my dream was to meet Catweazle and be his Carrot . Mister Bayldon , more power to you sir. ,,,,,,Rob,

    Posted by Robert Blake | May 17, 2014, 10:56 am

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