Review: Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1

Eleventh Doctor _1After Life

Writers: Al Ewing and Rob Williams

Art: Simon Fraser

Titan, out July 23rd

The Doctor arrives in suitably chaotic style in the life of Alice Obiefune…

Set shortly after the events of A Christmas Carol, this tale apparently (at least according to the “previously on” note at the front of the book) is set when the Doctor is checking out inconsistencies in the universe after its reboot at the end of Series 5.

There’s a stark contrast between the grey life Alice has before and the colourful proceedings she’s dragged into – unsubtly indicated by a switch from monochrome to full colour at the end of what’s obviously going to be a Titan trademark, the recreation of a pre-titles sequence. Alice’s life is an equally unsubtle swipe at the current government (but set only a few months after they came to power) which is added to by scenes in the Houses of Parliament that are more suited to Doctor Who Adventures than the main comics line. However, when the story focuses on the Doctor and Alice together, it takes off, with some touching moments.

The artwork is variable – the alien creatures and the TARDIS are very nicely created, but the Matt Smith art goes from the incredibly well detailed to the almost unrecognisable.

However, with some hints at Gallifreyan involvement in the Doctor’s life, and a companion who’s unlikely to be resolutely perky, this shows promise.

Verdict: Not the strongest opener, but hopefully this will hits its stride. 6/10

Paul Simpson


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