Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio: The Time Machine (Destiny of the Doctor 11)

destinydr_11The Doctor investigates a time machine that’s being built in Oxford in 2013 – but will he be able to deal with the Creevix alone?

In some ways Matt Fitton has been handed a poisoned chalice with this final instalment in the Destiny of the Doctor series. Whereas previous authors simply had to include an element which the 11th Doctor could pop up and request, Fitton has to bind it all together and create a story which stands alone for those who have not followed the entire eleven-disc saga.

He manages this with style, wisely keeping the references to the past adventures to the very end of the story, and ensuring that although it’s fun to know how the Doctor achieves his goal, the information is all provided for you – in that sense (and that sense only!) it resembles Timelash in its reference back to an unseen adventure.

Jenna Coleman has spent enough time with Matt Smith to capture the way in which his Doctor’s mouth sometimes runs ahead of his brain, seeming almost to babble while he’s developing a plan. She also brings the new companion for this story to life well, and there are strong supporting turns from Michael Cochrane and Nick Briggs.

Of all months, this is one when Doctor Who nostalgia is allowed to reign, and this series has managed both to recreate the past eras pretty successfully, and, with this story, look to the future. Some point soon, it will be interesting to listen through to them in order…

Verdict: A strong and appropriate conclusion to the saga. 8/10

Paul Simpson



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