Wizards vs Aliens: Review: Series 1 Episode 7 (Friend or Foe part 1)(spoiler-free)

Lexi comes up with an ingenious scheme to get close to Tom – but other parties are taking an interest as well…

Some time out of the Nekross make up for Gwendoline Christie allows her to show a lot more expression, even if some of the “fish out of water” material she’s given here is a little too obvious. It’s a symptom of a slightly schizophrenic episode, with some strong dramatic scenes counterpointed with more childish moments. The pre-credits scenes with Tom, Benny and their teacher is a prime example, and even the introduction of the people spying on Tom goes further over the top than it needs to.

Hopefully the rest of the story – indeed the series – will pick up on some of the reactions that Lexi has when she’s in her disguise as “Lucy”: not necessarily the comic ones, such as her enjoyment of certain things she encounters for the first time, but her delight in the beauty of the Earth.

Otherwise this briskly canters towards the various reveals at the end of the episode, and the previously unthinkable that is being contemplated by both the Nekross King and the wizards…

Verdict: Nearer the comic strip of the earlier stories than the deeper undertoned last tale, this is an enjoyable romp.  6/10

Paul Simpson


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