Review: Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 3 (Spoiler-free review)

Starz, July 22 (US); BBC One, July 28 (UK)

On the run from the CIA, the new Torchwood team learn that Miracle Day wasn’t a surprise to everyone…

A better paced episode this week, as the team start to discover some of the truth behind Miracle Day – although it’ll come as no surprise that initially we seem to be in the territory of wicked pharmaceutical companies planning events to make a profit. Anyone expecting it to be as simple as that, of course, probably hasn’t watched a Russell T Davies show before: there are numerous twists and turns as the episode goes on, leading up to a confrontation between Jack Harkness and Oswald Danes that itself contains numerous surprises.

The mysterious revolving triangle seen on Friedkin’s cellphone starts to take on more significance as some of the B-plots, notably Jack’s feelings towards Gwen, are moved forward, and others are introduced. The sexual side of the show comes back to the fore – something that was a key part of its earlier format, although toned down in Children of Earth. There’s nothing overtly graphic and, as John Barrowman indicated, the scene featuring Jack is important for what it leads into – hopefully at least some of it will remain in the BBC transmission.

Verdict: A much talkier episode than we’ve seen up to now allows for some necessary character development.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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