Review: Primeval Series 2 Ep 2

When an anomaly opens in a new high-rise office building, a dense fog hides terrifying worms…

Primeval is back to doing what it does best – taking other genre ideas and giving them its own spin. This time it’s Tremors, and rather than the giant worms appearing from beneath the desert, they’re coming out of the fog, in a nice visual tribute to numerous horror films from over the years.

While the battle against the worms forms the central plank of the episode, there’s a lot more going on. Connor spots someone who explains what was otherwise an oddity in the first episode. Helen is bitten in the past and returns to try to get help from Stephen. And Nick Cutter tries to come to terms with someone inhabiting Claudia’s body who couldn’t be more different. Douglas Henshall gets a chance for some more subtle acting than the series has normally permitted, and the final scene of the episode promises a lot more problems coming his way. Among all this, Connor gets a girlfriend – or rather, a female throws herself at him with all the subtlety of a monster truck.

Verdict: Edge of the seat shocks and laugh aloud moments combine to create another good episode.  8/10

Paul Simpson


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