Review: The Silver Tide

SilverTideBy Jen Williams

Headline, out now

The Gods are back in town…

The Silver Tide is the final volume in Jen Williams’ enthralling Copper Cat trilogy. The Black Feather Three – sell-swords Sebastian, Wydrin and Lord Aaron Frith – have become infamous, tales of their adventures spreading everywhere they go. But now they face what could be their greatest challenge, working for Wydrin’s mother, the renowned pirate Devinia the Red, mistress of The Poison Chalice.

Devinia wants them to accompany her on a quest to find whatever treasure might be at the heart of the cursed island of Euriale. At somewhat of a loose end following the events of The Iron Ghost, the previous book in the series, the three agree – and are suddenly caught up in what could prove to be their most dangerous adventure yet. Not for nothing is Euriale deemed to be cursed, and as they travel further into the depths of the island they soon discover that there is more to the undiscovered terrain than even they could have imagined. No one who has dared to go further inland than the port of Two-Birds has ever been seen again, and the Three soon have cause to wonder whether the same will be true of their ill-conceived group. There are forces awakening at the heart of the island, and never has there been a more dangerous time to undertake such a journey.

As usual, the author has written a fast-moving tale of danger and derring-do, putting the Black Feather Three through their paces yet again. The novel moves along at breakneck speed, throwing obstacle after obstacle in front of the three. Yet it never forgets that the relationship between these companions is at the centre of everything, and proves once again that – although this can be tested – it’s at the heart of each of the companions too. As Wydrin and co find themselves battling magic, dragons and even gods, their faith in each other sees them through.

Verdict: An enthralling adventure of pirates, dragons, gods – and the Black Feather Three. 9/10

Marie O’Regan


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