Agents of SHIELD: Review: Series 1 Episode 7: The Hub

SHIELD 7Fitz and Ward are sent on a secret mission – but is Coulson being told the truth by his superiors?

SHIELD continues its improvement with another story that is based around the characters and their actions rather than just good guys vs bad. In fact, the whole issue of what the weapon is that Fitz and Ward go after is – at least at this moment – something of a MacGuffin, since their story is primarily about the two men learning to respect each other’s talents. I’m slowly starting to warm to Agent Ward, finally, and separating Fitz and Simmons once more is helping to establish them better.

The second plotline follows Coulson, Mae, Skye and Simmons at the Hub, with Coulson’s faith in “the system” put to the test. I’m starting to wonder if the whole Coulson’s plane and team thing is something that Director Fury has set up to test out the new improved Coulson, and to see where he will go off piste – there seem to be precious little comeback for attacking Agent Sitwell, or for using SHIELD resources to mount a rescue mission.

The Skye subplot bubbles under nicely: just enough was revealed this week to whet the appetite further. Was her mother a SHIELD agent that we should know about? Maybe even the Contessa de la Fontaine?

Verdict: Continuing a run of decent stories, SHIELD is starting to find its feet. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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