Review: Pilgrim: Series 1 Episode 3: No Foes Shall Stay His Might

Pilgrim 13Pilgrim must come to the aid of an unfortunate caught by a collector of arcane items.

Having praised Sebastian Baczkiewicz for allowing the listener to be drawn into the fantasy world in the last episode, it would seem odd to be equally admiring of him doing the exact opposite with this episode – or at least, that’s how it would appear. The hunt that opens the story could be of any quarry, but we quickly realise that there’s far more going on than might first appear.

Pilgrim is on the defensive in this story: he’s the target, rather than the person who is trying to solve a situation, and his bitterness and anguish are palpable. Yet he persists in doing the right thing, and trying to prevent anyone else from becoming involved in the supernatural world in the way that he is.

This episode widens the canvas on which Baczkiewicz is telling his story: there are many who are aware of the other world, and they’re not beyond using modern methods to try to bring it to their aid.

There’s an ongoing thread regarding Joseph of Arimathea, the man in whose tomb Jesus was laid, who may be able to help rid Pilgrim of his curse. Baczkiewicz is presenting us with a very rounded portrait of a man who has survived for so many centuries: it would be a shame for us – if not Pilgrim – were he to be cured quite so quickly!

Verdict: Another enchanting tale. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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