Thunderbirds are Go: Review: Series 1 Episode 23: Chain of Command

The GDF ground International Rescue after a rescue apparently goes wrong…

One of my favourite episodes of the original series is The Imposters – in which International Rescue becomes the focus of a manhunt and in the end, Jeff won’t let someone die and orders the craft to launch regardless. This riffs off a similar idea, although with the revised set up for the new series – the GDF, even if no-one else, knows who and where the Tracys are – it goes through a number of key changes… but still building to that central character moment, where International Rescue’s leader puts the lives of others before anything else.

I’m rather hoping that this is the start of a plotline, rather than a standalone adventure – there are a lot of questions remaining at the end of the episode, particularly about how long the colonel has been working for the Hood (and indeed if he is the real colonel). However, it’s good to see the GDF in action, and there are some nicely directed moments (albeit with some scale and model issues reappearing after I’d thought they’d all been dealt with!).

Now that the show has established itself, it’s time for it to revel in some of its differences from the original – the GDF and Thunderbird Shadow/Kayo being primary among them. I’m hoping series 2 sees further departures.

Verdict: A solid, enjoyable episode. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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