Being Human: Review: Series 3, Episode 1: Lia

A new start in Barry for the supernatural house-sharers sees Mitchell visit Purgatory, and George arrested for dogging…

As Annie describes it, the “enclave of the lost” gets a fresh lease of life in this very dramatic opener to the third season, with numerous new plotlines underway, and a change in scenery allowing plenty of opportunities for the show to expand its horizons further.

A plotline featuring guest stars Robson Greene and Michael Socha reinforces the hatred between werewolves and vampires that tends to be forgotten between Mitchell and George, while Lacey Turner’s Lia has a link to Mitchell’s past which is clearly going to be crucial to the new series.

The comedy that underlay the first season seems to be back, particularly in the dialogue between Mitchell and George (any time the former gets too melodramatic, he’s dragged back to earth by a cutting line), as well as some of the situations that the three housemates get into.

“We play the long game here,” one of the guest stars says towards the end of the episode, and with threats against Mitchell’s life, the discovery of new werewolves, and Mitchell’s vampire mentor Herrick still around somewhere, it looks as if there’ll be plenty to keep fans engaged across the series.  8/10

Paul Simpson

Episode 2: Adam’s Family >>>


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