Review: Texas Chain Saw Massacre 40th Anniversary Restoration Blu-Ray

texas_STEELBOOK_3DhighresSecond Sight, available from 17th November 2014

This horror classic is lovingly restored by director Tobe Hooper for this anniversary release.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a classic in the horror genre. Widely banned upon its 1974 release, this tale of a group of youngsters encountering a murderous family, headed by the infamous Leatherface, has nevertheless gone on to become one of the most famous horror films of its time.

For its 40th Anniversary, Second Sight have worked with director Tobe Hooper to release this 4k restoration with a 7.1 audio mix so that the film looks and sounds better than ever. The film is being released as a 2 disc steelbook, with cover artwork by Doaly, as a 2-disc standard blu-ray with reversible sleeve featuring both the new artwork and the original US poster, and includes a host of brand new special features such as a new audio commentary with Director Tobe Hooper; a new audio commentary with Cinematographer Daniel Pearl, Sound Recordist Ted Nicolaou and Editor J. Larry Carroll; ‘Cutting Chain Saw’ – an interview with Editor J. Larry Carroll; ‘Grandpa’s Tales’ – an interview with actor John Dugan; Horror’s Hallowed Grounds and new deleted scenes/outtakes.

Other bonus features include: audio commentary with Tobe Hooper, actor Gunnar Hansen and cinematographer Daniel Pearl; audio commentary with actors Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger, Paul A. Partain and production designer Robert Burns; ‘The Shocking Truth’ documentary and outtakes; ‘Flesh Wounds’ – Seven Stories of the Saw; ‘Off the Hook’ – an interview with Teri McMinn; ‘The Business of Chain Saw’ – an interview with production manager Ron Bozman; A Tour of the TCSM House with Gunnar Hansen; Tobe Hooper interview; Kim Henkel interview – as well as deleted scenes and outtakes, trailers, TV and Radio spots.

Whilst the commentaries on this new version are well worth a listen, the stand-out extras are the two documentaries – ‘The Shocking Truth’ and ‘Flesh Wounds – Seven Stories of the Saw’. I found the outtakes and deleted scenes didn’t really add anything to the film for me – although completists will no doubt enjoy them. If you’re a fan of the original movie, you’ll love this blu-ray release; packed full as it is of bonus material to go alongside the lovingly restored movie itself.

Verdict: A great restoration of one of horror’s most notorious movies; full of bonus material for the true fan. 9/10

Marie O’Regan


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