Review: Primeval Series 4 Ep 7

Multiple anomalies appearing in a local museum lead to multiple problems for the team, as an old friend returns…

Despite the production team’s best efforts (not mentioning his name in the credits etc), all the publicity has made it clear that Jason Flemyng is back as Danny Quinn for this final episode of the ITV run of Primeval until the new year. He’s linked in more ways than you’d expect to the various ongoing storylines, and actual provides closure for more than one of them.

We get to find out far more about Matt and Ethan, although, in at least one case, the clues have been there from the character’s first appearance on screen, and there are some tense stand-offs between various parties throughout the episode.

Unfortunately the Terrorbirds, with their resemblance to Rod Hull’s Emu, are also back, and while director Mark Everest does his best to make them live up to their name, they really aren’t quite as far up the fear-inspiring scale as the Future Predators or the raptors. The far more frightening elements come from a discovery Connor makes, and a conversation between Danny and Philip, both of which promise a darker second half to the year’s adventures. 7/10

Paul Simpson  


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