Agents of SHIELD: Review: Series 2 Episode 4: Face My Enemy

SHIELD 2.4A painting with the strange inscriptions that Coulson has been drawing comes to SHIELD’s attention requiring Phil and May to go undercover at a party…

It’s a shame that more episodes of SHIELD aren’t like this: there’s wit and humour, some well-choreographed fight scenes, development of various ongoing storylines, use of some Marvel Cinema Universe-established technology (the Mission: Impossible beating masks), and the occasional laughing at the conventions of the comic book – HYDRA’s overuse of their own logo causing more than a few problems.

The tech allowed for a few what the hell moments along the way – although I wonder if anyone really bought into the idea that such a straight arrow as Talbot could really be as duplicitous as it seemed – and of course for a fight between May and herself. (Does the tech alter the heights of the people wearing it? Odd coincidence if both women were the same!) It was also very good to see Coulson out in the field even if it might confirm HYDRA’s suspicions about the identity of the new SHIELD director.

The title also fit well for the ongoing rebuilding of Fitz: it was a little surprising to see Simmons back as his internal voice (although since there was no follow up on last week’s events within HYDRA, there’d have been no part for Elizabeth Henstridge otherwise), but his scenes with Mack and Hunter bode well

Verdict: A strong episode across the board. 8/10

Paul Simpson




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