Review: Avengers vs X-Men: VS #4

Daredevil vs Psylocke

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Brandon Peterson

Pre-Read Predictions: Well, just last issue I was wondering if we’d get to see a man vs woman fight and would you know it, this week we have two such matches! First up Daredevil takes on Psylocke. Now, to be perfectly honest, I’m not terribly familiar with either of these characters and had to resort to good old Wikipedia before making my prediction on how this fight will go. Turns out Psylocke has some fairly heavy-duty mental powers at her disposal and I’m having trouble seeing how Daredevil is going to get the better of her. Having said that, Daredevil is a badass with his own not-inconsiderable superhuman abilities to draw upon. This is a tough one to call but I’m going to have to pick Psylocke just because it’s always going to be hard to beat someone who can read your mind.

Warning: Spoilers Follow!

Wow, okay so this match was actually a draw and I don’t mean the kind previously where a winner is declared but the conclusion was maddeningly indecisive. This match was actually a draw. Frankly it’s a little frustrating that they took Psylocke’s telepathy out of the equation but I suppose that would’ve given her too much of an advantage. The dialogue, both internal and spoken, in this felt awkward to me, especially Daredevil’s parting sentiment but perhaps it heralds the beginning of some mutants beginning to question the unilateral rule of the Phoenix Five.


The Mighty Thor vs Emma Frost

Writer/Artist: Kaare Andrews

Pre-Read Predictions: This is a match that I’m really looking forward to. Emma Frost is one of my favourite characters because she lacks the somewhat sanctimonious holier-than-thou attitude of many X-Men. Also she’s sure to have some cutting quips in store for Thor. I think at this stage I would be a fool to bet against her now that she’s one of the Phoenix Five. Surely even The Mighty Thor can’t compete with the cosmic fury of the Phoenix. My money’s on Emma.

Warning: Spoilers Follow!

Yup, Thor had a good crack at it but it’s hard to convince one of the Phoenix Five to stay down. He started out strong but in the end Emma laid the smack down. The art in this fight was fantastic but I wasn’t so sure about the dialogue. Emma’s was a little disappointing I thought, but never mind. Any fight involving one of the Phoenix Five seems doomed to end badly for the Avengers since that’s kind of the point of this entire story. If Thor had beaten Emma it would have raised a few questions about the invincibility of Cyclops and his companions.

VS Score:  Avengers 3 – X-Men 4

This issue: 8/10

Bernice Watson




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