Merlin: Review: Series 1 Ep 13: La Morte d’Arthur

When a magical beast gives Arthur a fatal bite, Merlin must enter into a deadly deal…

A suitably melodramatic finale for this first season keeps a good pace throughout, although assuming the show does return as promised at the end of the episode, its editors and directors would do well to examine the way in which the Primeval and Doctor Who team interweave their live action and CG elements. The confrontation at the start of the episode fails to convince because the shots last just a few frames too long.

There are good moments for everyone in this. Both Uther and Gaius demonstrate their love for their respective “sons”, and Morgana and Gwin start to head more towards their traditional characters. And at long last, the dragon shows his true colours: he’ll do anything to ensure Arthur’s accession and what he believes will be his freedom.

A number of plotlines are seeded for the second season, and it will be a shame if Michelle Ryan’s Nimueh doesn’t find some way to return. The Arthur/Guinevere romance could be interesting, given the class system at Camelot, and the next meeting between Merlin and Arthur should be fun.

Although it’s had its rocky moments, this has been an entertaining Saturday night family show which deserves to return.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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