True Blood: Review: Season 4 Ep 10

HBO, August 28 (US)

Sookie wields some awesome fairy power and saves Eric, but Nan is still not happy with the PR mess Marnie/Antonia has left her with. Bill is intent on waging an all-out attack on the magic shop. Sookie’s not happy since she knows Tara is inside and goes off on her own rescue mission with Jason, Lafayette and Jesus.

The mind boggles at the thought of a vampire Glamour Squad and at poor Jason getting stuck with Hoyt after his session with Jessica, heroically managing not to blurt everything out. The reappearance of Jesus’s demon face that freaked Lafayette out when he was tripping a whole season back is also pretty awesome. Satisfyingly, the vampire versus witches showdown seems to be coming to a head, though there’s still a lot of sneaky twists and turns coming up if this episode is anything to go by.

The darker nature of this main storyline is contrasted here by some meaningful character interaction between Andy and Terry when Terry attempts to shake Andy out of his V addiction with a trip to the old ‘fort’ they played in as kids. The shifters and werewolves storyline seems rather weak though. Yes, there’s a seeming character death (and a welcome one at that), but it doesn’t quite seem to play out right. There are some big questions remaining about the whole skinwalkers thing, but mainly the question is why Alcide continues to be so inert and goes along with anything anyone asks of him and then stand around in the background looking all broody. What this series needs is more in-your-face wolf and vampire action (even the vamps just seems to have been lying around in silver gabbing for half the time). Hopefully we’ll see some fireworks in the last two episodes. Goodness knows, it’s all building up to some big explosions.

Verdict: Roll up! Roll up! Watch the wild woman of Marntonia writhe and gurn! 

Episode 10 ‘Burning Down the House’: 7/10

Brigid Cherry


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