Thunderbirds are Go: Review: Series 1 Episode 20: The Hexpert

When FAB 1 is flagged down by the Global Defence Force, Lady Penelope naturally assumes it’s her special talents that are required… but not this time…

A reworking of the terrific original series story in which Parker has to break into the Bank of England, this nicely-played episode may have some very dodgy science involved, but continues this second batch of episodes’ increased emphasis on teamwork. While Parker concentrates on one element of the rescue, Virgil and Scott deal with the consequences, allowing for good crosscutting between the plotlines.

There are a couple of really good directorial touches in this – the shots of the Thunderbirds taking off from Tracy Island and heading for the rescues have become (perhaps inevitably, as a measure to both save time and increase familiarity among the younger audience) very similar each week, but we have at least two new perspectives in this episode. There are also some different angles on the craft in flight – I hope such additions will be continued in many future instalments.

This s one of the first times we really see the GDF in operation… now let’s have an episode or two that concentrate on Kayo, preferably without being based around her relationship to the Hood!

Verdict: Another enjoyable episode. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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