Warehouse 13: Review: Season 3 Ep 2

Syfy (US) July 18; (UK) August 11

Myka and Pete trying to find out why people are reverting to childhood, while Jinks and Claudia go after Typhoid Mary’s cutlery…

Myka’s first official day back on the job has her and Pete heading to Seattle, where an airline pilot and a surgeon both find themselves losing memories—a progressive condition, that soon reverts them to childhood. Pete finds the common link, that they’re both witnesses in a murder trial, but as things progress, Pete is also hit with the memory-wiping artifact.

Pete’s reversion to childhood gives Myka a look into some of Pete’s issues, which is handy, as she feels something off with her and Pete’s rhythm. The case plays out with Myka having to handle the endgame all by herself, a rather nasty baptism by fire.

Meanwhile, Claudia enjoys being the senior agent in the field for her and The New Guy’s mission (going so far as to do a little dance). They are to purchase Typhoid Mary’s knife at auction. Jinks’s complaints that the assignment is dull is met with Artie’s sharp retort: “Come back with the artifact, and then tell me it’s boring.” Sure enough, things go horribly wrong.

Both threads deal with themes of trust, of abandonment, of protection of loved ones, and settles Myka back into the groove nicely – even turning what feels like a pretentious voiceover into Myka’s debrief with the Regents – while showing Jinks just what to expect as a Warehouse agent. In particular, the latter has to adjust his instincts as an ATF agent.

This episode firmly gets Myka and Pete back together, sets up Claudia and Jinks as the secondary field team (which should, if nothing else, provide some variety, especially since Aaron Ashmore and Alison Scagliotti have chemistry that is both as good and totally different from that of Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock).

Verdict: Nothing earth-shattering, but it sets the tone nicely for the season moving forward.  

Episode 2: “Trials”: 7/10

Keith R.A. DeCandido

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