Gotham: Review: Series 2 Episode 7: Mommy’s Little Monster

Gotham 2.7Penguin declares war on Galavan just as he is elected Mayor of Gotham…

There are more than a few moments where it feels as if this week’s episode of Gotham has strayed into a remake of The Untouchables, with Bullock and Gordon protecting themselves from an attack with updated tommy-guns, and a massacre at the end that tries – but doesn’t quite succeed – to have the cinematic feel of de Palma’s movie. We’re almost becoming inured to this sort of shoot-out on Gotham, and even the intriguing outfit that is sported by one side doesn’t set it apart. What does come out from it, though, is a clear setting out of the sides, with Jim firmly declaring where his loyalties lie to Galavan…

The other plotlines move forward a certain amount. A triangle involving Bruce, Selina and Galavan’s niece is a little predictable (and I’m glad we didn’t have eye contact made between the two girls at the end when Bruce is being seduced). The Riddler’s split personality is dealt with neatly: the effects for the final sequence are nicely done, and Cory Michael Smith does a grand job as the three different versions of Ed that we see in the episode. And Butch’s renaissance promises much… even if not a lot appears this time around.

Verdict: A lot of sound and fury, but beneath it all, not as much moves forward as you’d initially think. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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