Alphas: Review: Season 2 Ep 1

Syfy, 23 July 2012

Rosen has been locked up for eight months following his revelation of the existence of super-powered Alphas. A break-out from the Binghamton holding facility, however, sees the government free him and reunite the Alphas team…

Alphas definitely upped its game towards the end of the first season, justifying renewal for a second after a rather shaky start. The show is still very much an X-Men (or even Mutant X!) wannabe, but it has an attitude and some smarts about it that makes for rewarding viewing.

The participation of David Strathairn as Leo Rosen, head of the Alphas team, is a big draw. He’s a fine actor who brings a degree of gravitas and emotional engagement to his role as team leader, something sure to be expanded with his daughter’s involvement with the Magneto-like evil Alpha Stanton Parish (the under-rated John Pyper-Ferguson).

This episode finds Hicks and Harken carrying on their Alpha round-up activities, while Rachel has retreated to her room (her hyper-sensitive sense under assault) and Nina is abusing her ability to ‘push’ people to live high on the hog at others’ expense…

The team are brought together when a breakout is staged at the Alpha holding facility in Binghamton (where autistic Gary has recently been consigned). It’s predictable enough stuff, the usual ‘getting the gang back together through shared jeopardy’ narrative, but it is pulled off with some panache and enough hints of future developments to keep viewers hooked.

Verdict: Wearing pants is very important…

Episode 1 ‘Wake Up Call’: 7/10

Brian J. Robb


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