Agents of SHIELD: Review: Season 3 Episode 12: The Inside Man

CLARK GREGG, MING-NA WEN, ADRIAN PASDARCoulson and Talbot struggle to build a working relationship as they convene an international conference of delegates to discuss what should be done about the Inhumans. Coulson is convinced that Malik will have a spy at this meeting to try and get further information, but who will it be, and can they be stopped?

After a blistering return to form with last week’s episode, Agents of SHIELD keeps up the pace with another instalment that plays very much to the strengths of the series. Coulson and Talbot butt heads from the outset as they try and work together to organise the conference, especially when a familiar foe from the recent past turns up as Talbot’s hired bodyguard – something about which Hunter in particular is not happy.

Meanwhile back at SHIELD HQ, Daisy and Lincoln are engaged in domestic bliss which tells the seasoned Marvel viewer that something must be about to go wrong. In this case though, it’s an interesting divide that comes between them, as Fitz and Simmons make a remarkable discovery with wide-ranging implications for Inhumans as a whole, and the two star-crossed lovers find themselves at odds as to what that means and how it could be used.

Back at the conference, there’s plenty for May, Bobbi and Hunter to do trying to dig out evidence as to which of the delegates might be in league with Malik while Coulson and Talbot deal with the delegates themselves. The reveal, when it comes, complicates things still further.

As for Malik, he’s still worried that the thing wearing former Agent Ward is not appearing to heal. The thing tells him (again) that it will all work out, only this time the moment Malik isn’t there things really do happen. By the end of the episode, we get served one of the more grisly scenes that the show has ever done, as we witness a transformation that will undoubtedly have impact on everyone as time rolls on.

The final sting complicates matters still further, as Malik talks to someone whose motivations in terms of the Inhumans seem pure, but who can tell in the murky world in which SHIELD operates? One thing’s for sure, the Inhumans are now very much front and centre in the SHIELD part of the MCU, and things are heading for a climactic showdown.

Verdict: SHIELD still firing on all cylinders with another serving of what the show does best. The writers really seem to have found their groove now, and the show benefits hugely from it. 8/10

Greg D. Smith


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