Review: Doctor Who: Sonic Screwdriver working screwdriver

Carefully advertised as a “full sized replica that works as an actual screwdriver,” this is a useful present for the Who fan in your life who’s into a certain amount of DIY. The body of the screwdriver itself is quite heavy, particularly compared with the majority of the replica toys, although unlike the best of these, the end with the green light doesn’t pop out and click into position.

It’s a little disconcerting to find that what’s the business end of the sonic on the show (i.e. the bit with the light and the noise!) is pointing at you when you’re using the screwdriver as a work tool. The four small screwdriver heads are stored within the body of the sonic, and clip magnetically into position in the end of the device. They could perhaps be a bit sturdier, but they will certainly do the job on small items.

Forgetting the working uses for it, it is a pretty good rendition of the Doctor Who prop, and I suspect it will be bought more for that than its “real” function.

Paul Simpson

The sonic can be ordered here


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