Gotham: Review: Series 1 Episode 5: Viper

Gotham 5There’s a new drug on the streets of Gotham and it puts PCP in the shade…

The comicbook element of this week’s tale (the Venom drug) plays into the power struggle between Maroni, Falcone and Fish Mooney, as well as giving us some insight into what’s going on with Wayne Enterprises now that Thomas and Martha have gone. Young Master Bruce is trying to figure out what’s going on – not for revenge, he assures Alfred, but to understand Gotham better – and by the time that the pair have become caught up in an attack on a charity event, even Alfred starts to come round to Bruce’s way of thinking. Sean Pertwee’s Alfred continues to be one of the strongest elements of this series – watch the way he reacts when Bruce gives him a direct order.

The rise and rise of Penguin continues, with Jim Gordon once again enmeshed in his dealings – and no doubt starting to regret letting Cobblepot live in the opening episode. One of the best scenes sees Jim brought face to face with Maroni, who demands that Gordon give him the same story that Penguin has, or both men will die.

The writers need to be a bit careful with the character of Fish Mooney – every episode at the moment seems to reveal yet another plot that she’s hatching to take control, and it would be a shame if she became overencumbered with plotlines that need servicing so none of them becomes credible (as much as anything is in this show!).

Verdict: The balance is starting to tip back towards the four-colour villainy – more like last week please. 7/10

Paul Simpson



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