Review: Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 9 (Spoiler-free review)

Torchwood regroups – but will it be in time?

There have been some moments during Miracle Day where the viewer may have wondered what’s going on, and why so much screen time has been devoted to various characters and developments. By the end of episode nine, that viewer (assuming he or she is still watching) will be wondering why whole episodes of this show were included.

There have also been some moments which have required the suspension of disbelief. Episode nine requires not so much its suspension, as it being hoisted on a tall crane, and hung dangling over the Grand Canyon. Characters behave in a way that just doesn’t correlate even with an episode earlier. A plotline that had two whole episodes devoted to it heads in a different direction and everything that our heroes did in that respect seems to count for nothing. We are asked to believe that people who must be on the biggest Watch List of the last decade are able to travel pretty much freely. And then (although there’ll probably be a line to deal with this in the concluding part), it seems to contradict The Runaway Bride… okay, well maybe that isn’t quite so bad as the other offences, but even so, in a show that has dropped Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures references like confetti, it seems a little odd.

Verdict: Miracle Day started from a terrific concept: what if the one constant in everyone’s life disappeared? It’s just a shame that its realisation has not lived up to the brilliance of the core idea.  4/10

Paul Simpson

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