Daredevil: Review: Series 1 Episode 10: Nelson v. Murdock

DD10Time for Foggy’s flashback to the time that he and Matt met…

We’ve had Matt’s background, both the time of the accident, and the subsequent training he underwent; we’ve had Wilson Fisk’s childhood explored. We’ve come to know a bit about Karen, but the person who’s not yet been dissected is Foggy, and this episode explains how he and Matt met and bonded firstly at college and then as interns. Their underlying friendship has been one of the best portrayed elements of this series, and the timing of these flashbacks following what Foggy can only (rightly) see as a complete betrayal is perfect. Matt reciprocates with the story of his first “mission”, and confirms what has been becoming clearer – he doesn’t want to stop, and perhaps he really does enjoy what he does.

Alongside this thread are further investigations by Ben and Karen, leading to someone who may be of considerable use – although she can hardly be said to be a reliable witness. We also see Ben and his wife in a nicely-played scene (even if it was a little reminiscent of the Steve/Peggy moment from The Winter Soldier).

And as for Mr Fisk? Threads are coming loose in his empire; Wesley seems to be losing some respect for him; Owsley never had much to begin with; and Madame Gao has given him the clearest warning possible about what he needs to do. Is one of them responsible for the tragedy at the end of the episode? Hero and villain are becoming isolated from their support mechanisms – but I suspect both have much further to fall yet.

The title is an excellent play on words – said out loud properly, it’s pronounced “Nelson and Murdock”…

Verdict: Excellent work from Eldon Henson particularly in a powerful episode. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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